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Hetalia by Tamasaburo09 Hetalia :icontamasaburo09:Tamasaburo09 4,467 406
Snapped! Italy x Reader - To Preserve This Love
"You know [Name]. . ." Italy said to you as you entered his warm home, a large smile on his face and amber eyes open for once.
"You look wonderful now. . . " He said, coming closer and wrapping his arms around your waist. It wasn't unusual for Italy to compliment you, or that he gave you a hug, but there was this gut feeling that told you something was wrong. That you should pull away and leave quickly. Italy's arms tightened around, not to the point of hurting, but it was noticeable. "Don't you think that one day your beauty will be stained?"
"W-What do you mean?"  You asked, feeling defensive and shocked at the sudden question.
"Hmm~? Nothing! Just a thought~ I'll go make some pasta~" The cheerful Italian said, turning and leaving.
You just stood there, a cold chill was sent down your spine as the words your Italian lover spoke replayed continuously in your head.
Your beauty, being stained?
The chilling thought of your blood being what stained it stay
:iconawesomeperson26:AwesomePerson26 100 55
ItalyxReaderxRomano-The Italians Next Door (part1)
“That’s everything, Miss,” one of the movers says. You had told them to leave the smaller boxes outside as you can get those inside by yourself easily once the bigger stuff is in and settled, which it now is.
“Thank you! …and, this is for you,” you say with a smile, paying him.
“Thank you,” he says, returning the smile and taking it before getting into his van with the other movers and driving off.
Turning back to your new house, you pick up a box that reads ‘kitchen stuff’ and take it inside, admiring the new space that you have. Your old place was tiny and, although you’re single, it was too small for you and all of your stuff. So, now you’ve got a house and you feel so much happier. It’s closer to work and reminds you of the house you grew up in as a kid. All of the walls have been painted white ready for you to choose the colours that you want.
Leaving the box on the kitchen table, you return outside to get another. A
:iconmarshmallow-maraca:Marshmallow-Maraca 335 130
One Step Closer Till You Find The One~Len x Reader
There you were,[1] standing with your boyfriend by the lockers, you were envied and hated by all the girls in the school, there were two reasons, the first? You were dating one of the hottest boys in the school. And the other...? Well...the other one was your best friend.
As he watched you smile, your ___(h/c)____ hair swaying with your movements,  your __(e/c)__  eyes lit up at seeing him, your boyfriend, you seemed so happy, the one you loved is Kaito shion, Mr 'loves his his aisu more than you most times', but you didnt care, as long as he was happy, you were happy.
As the bell rang to go to class, you waved goodbye to kaito and walked over to the boy staring at you, Unfortunetly he was still staring at you. "Len?, Len, you still there? hello~~~! ",  You waved your hand in front of his face, He snapped out of his trance just in time to see you.
"Huh what just happend?"Len asked with his trademark goofy grin, which spread across his face to yours as you
:iconmisspokemonfan150:Misspokemonfan150 237 139
Not so normal Boyfriend. Len x Reader
A reader insert.
Your a girl.
__ means insert name
[EC] means eye color
[HC] means hair color
[FC] means favorite color
"Peek-a-boo!" You say to your boyfriend as you cover his eyes, standing behind him. "Ah, ___-chan!" He says pulling your hands off of his eyes and turning around smiling. "What brings you here today?" You giggle petting him "Oh, nothing. Just wanted to hang out, is all!" He grins hugely attacking you in a hug. "Let's get something to eat!" You just nod, trying to re-gain your breath.
"A banana split sundae!" He says pointing to the picture on the sign. Len had dragged you off to an ice-cream shop, where you were happily waiting for him to order you both something. Obviously something with banana's in it. "Thanks!" He said as the girl handed the sundae to him. He points to a table by the window as you both sit down. "Say, "Aaahhh~"" He says grabbing the spoon and scooping some ice-cream, ready to feed you. You smile, blushing a little and open your mouth with a "Haaaan
:iconkandy0513:Kandy0513 359 194
Len x Reader - This Feeling Pt. 2
You waved to Rin as you left the recording studio. She had just finished helping her practice 'Meltdown'. The blonde seemed really happy about it too.
Deciding to look for the other Kagamine twin, you went on a search. Looking around the living room, [e/c] eyes caught sight of an empty sake bottle behind the couch.
"Meiko?" You asked cautiously knowing how the brown haired singer could be weird(physical) when drunk.
"Wha~? I'm all out of sake! WAAAH!" Meiko began crying, her face covered in a dark, drunken blush.
"Ehehehe. . . Meiko, have you seen Len?" You asked even though she knew Meiko was pretty drunk.
"Len? Aw! He is so cute!" Meiko said like a little fangirl. It made you kinda pissed, but she covered it pretty well. "He went zat way!" Meiko threw an empty sake bottle at a door. It lead to the kitchen.
"Ah! Thanks Meiko!" You said, flashing a grin and running to the door.
"No problem! Bye-b-!" She was cut off by fainting, most likely from all the alcohol.
Letting out a nervo
:iconawesomeperson26:AwesomePerson26 259 770
Len X Reader- D-daisuki!
Len X Reader- D-daisuki!
A/N: The story is in Reader-tan's POV.
Another day, another opportunity to hear my friends squeal over none other than my school's local pretty boy, Len Kagamine, like he was part of One Direction or something. Yeah, I get it. Len is adorable. Len is cool. Len likes spice. Len, Len, Len. Give it up already!
I sighed and hung back to talk to some people who don't obsess over that prep. Yeah, I decided to walk home with the people who live with him, Miku, Luka, Kaito, and Rin.
"Hey," I said as the caught up with me.
"(Friends' names here) talking about Len again?" Luka asked.
"Sadly," I sighed.
"What's the big deal about my brother?" Rin asked. "I don't see why everyone goes crazy for him."
"It's his shota sex appeal," I said. "For some reason, the idiotic girls here at our school love it."
"If it wasn't for you admitting I have sex appeal," an all-too-familiar voice said, "I'd be mad about that shota comment."
I turned around to see spiky, blonde locks tied in a
:iconmeltdown02:Meltdown02 475 238
Kagamine Len x Reader PROJECT T.L part 5
Kagamine Len x Reader PROJECT T.L (True Love) part 5
                       You watch Len walk away, your cheeks stained with your tears. You zip up your shorts, then run after Len. Your  fingers wrap around his sleeve, he turns around. Your eyes staring into each other’s, you open your mouth and choke out the words “Some- peo-ple c-can be trust-ed!” Len eyes flash annoyance but then his glare softens a little “Pft looks like you’re not so pathetic after all.” He turns around walking in a casual pace, you following him of course.  Your rub your tears away with your sleeves, your snot going everywhere. You try desperately to wipe it off, Len noticed. Turning his eyes filled with disgust “Stop it!” he commands, you freeze up your body stiffening. “Now stay still,” He kneels down, pulling out his handkerchief, he wipes your face clean.
:iconlaylayjoan98:LaylayJoan98 88 74
B.L.A.C.K.B.L.O.O.D by Necoco-Ryu B.L.A.C.K.B.L.O.O.D :iconnecoco-ryu:Necoco-Ryu 452 45
Crona x Reader (Chapter 1)
"Why was I born into this hell..?"
Do you truly believe this is hell??
"I do.."
Do you know where the real hell is??
"No... Where is it?"
It's inside your head..
You chuckled softly.
Did I something funny??
"No.. It just seems crazy.." You respond to voice in your head.
Everyone has their own madness...
You sighed and pulled your (h/c) locks into a high ponytail. You noticed a city come into view. "Kiri is that Death City??" You asked your weapon. Her emerald green eyes flashed with amusement. "It's like you've never been here.." She mutters. "I left with my mother when my father died.." You replied. A groan escaped your weapon's lips. "God speaking of fathers.. Papa is probably be a affectionate and fatherly when he sees me.." She groans. You shook your head. Kiri pushed her dark red locks out of her face as you both enter
:icondemonanimewolfgirl:DemonAnimeWolfGirl 115 22
Mature content
Don't Be Nice to Me :iconxxx-teddybear-xxx:xxx-TeddyBear-xxx 22 5
Happily Ever After Entry
It was so silent... I always assumed that there would be much more than what I saw...
Miharu was sleeping restlessly in his bed. He looked so unhappy. I don't like to see him unhappy.
I reached out to touch him, shaking him lightly.
The boy shifted slightly, peeking his eyes open. "Yoi....te...?" His green eyes widened in disbelief. "Yoite?!"
"Miharu..." I smiled, reaching out to him again. I could... I could feel again! I wasn't as cold... was this what death was like? But... If I were dead... Why could Miharu see me?
"Yoite, you're alive! We've been looking for you for so long..."
"...Don't cry Miharu...." I let the younger lean against him, a wide smile across his face, but with tears running down his face. "What's wrong?"
"...I was so worried... we all thought you were dead..... Why?" he looked up, his eyes wet and red. "Why were you gone for so long?"
"...I'm alive?" I looked down at myself. I felt more alive and revived then I ever had...
"You're n
:iconhighwind-sniper:Highwind-Sniper 36 28
I'll Find You Again: Chapter 1
"I'll Find You Again"
Chapter 1: You Lied

That person... Who was it? Why can't I remember? Why can I remember? It doesn't make sense. The features are so unclear...
If they had truly been erased, why can I remember? Does that mean... that they are still here? Somewhere? ...Would I recognize them if I saw them?

"Yoite, come on..." I reached out for the black cat, watching him play with Shiratama's tail. "She won't very much appreciate that."
"Mreowl!" the white cat agreed.
Yoite moved away from her, but only to get further away from me.
I sighed, knowing he wasn't really going to listen to me right now. He was hyper, and would need to run out of energy. That was fine, so long as he didn't get hurt.
Looking outside, I saw how nice the weather was. It was still cloudy from all the rain, but it was better than the beginning of the week. But I grabbed my coat, and Yoite quickly, and the camera that had been given to me when I heard Yukimi's car drive up.
"Miharu-" I lean
:iconhighwind-sniper:Highwind-Sniper 15 8
Yoite and Miharu FanFic
Yoite was asleep, but was suddenly awake when he felt a slight pressure on his body.  His eyes took forever to refocus, but he soon realized the disturbance was Yukimi placing a blanket on him. Yukimi noticed Yoite had awoken, and said something, but all Yoite could hear was muffled noises. “The blanket is cold and rough…” Yoite thought, as Yukimi continued to speak.  Yoite just sates blankly up at him, not able to understand a word Yukimi is saying.  Yukimi’s face changes to an annoyed expression, probably thinking that Yoite isn’t paying attention.  Yukimi walks away, and Yoite glances to the left, seeing Miharu looking down at him, his face the only thing in the room that was in focus.
“Yoite.” Yoite heard Miharu say.  Yoite’s eyes slightly widen by the clearness of his voice.  Yoite noticed a dark blur, being Yukimi, standing behind Miharu; and said something to him, but Yoit
:iconxxx-teddybear-xxx:xxx-TeddyBear-xxx 49 26





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